The most up-to-date technology (adoption of multimodal automatic turnery, numeric controls, custom design machines, robotized assembly lanes) allows Tor-Met to optimize the production cycles and, consequently, to keep a highly competitive pricing policy.


1. Multi-spindle lathes

The adoption of reliable multi-spindle lathes machines allows producing in very shorts timeframes customized and specific pieces ranging from 8mm to 50 mm diameter, useful in every sector and compliant with micro tolerances.

2. CNC

The most recent technologies applied to turnery machines allow Tor-Met to quickly respond to any request of custom products, of simple and complex shapes, with a diameter ranging from 8mm to 80mm. Tor-Met guarantees absolute precision, short timeframes, and highly competitive prices.

3. Transfer


  1. Post-production machines
  2. Annealing
  3. Washing cycle
  4. Cleaning and chrome plating
  5. Packaging